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R-SIM9 GOLD Unlock Card for 5/5C/5S iOS:7.1-7.X

R-SIM9 GOLD Unlock Card for 5/5C/5S iOS:7.1-7.X(Mit Sprint ios7.1 nicht kompatibel)

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1.Hinweise:Kostenlose Software&Spiele-Angebot-Service!(Für R4i Gold 3DS,SuperCard DSTWO,Ace3DS Plus,R4i-SDHC 3DS,Acekard 2i,Dstti)

2.Geschenk:eine DSi/3DS/3DSxL Schutzfolie(drei und mehr Flashkarten bestellen)

3.Versand:Einschreiben/Fedex Express/ DHL Express

4.Großhandel Kontakt: Mail-sales@prima-module.com / Skype-mandyzheng14


R-SIM 9 GOLD (GOLD version)
At present in the market, It’s the most stable unlock card that iPhone 5 c / 5 s can be general in 7.1 7. X with IC solution, R - SIM brand and Sales Volume determine the market orientation, R - SIM set multiple technical strength,The first team crack iPhone 4s unlock, the first team crack 4 s / 5/5 c / 5 s general unlock, the first team crack i5 Sprint unlock, and the first team successfully crack iOS7.1 system unlock. R - SIM9 GOLD Born to iOS: 7.1-7 X system, it is R - SIM9 PRO upgrade version, It’s more simple and convenient that brand new packaging design for volume and use,reduce the transport volume and weight, saving the purchasing cost  for foreign customers. R - SIM9 pro, one of the largest card series in the market, counterfeit rampantly, its quality seriously affect the brand, caused severe damage to the customers,the R - SIM9 GOLD has better security identification mark,and customers can be more easier to distinguish between fake and real items(Purchase R-SIM9 GOLD identify key points:
1. Scraping the anti-counterfeiting code on the package label and verify to www.r-sim.me
2. All real R-SIM9GOLD will have a free gift of a Rpatch activation code, The one without the activation code is fake, this code can be activated all 3 g / 4 g SIM card abroad,
3.Mention the latest trademark packaging R - SIM, The shape is RGKNSE logo design, the packaging has RGKNSE and graphics trademark signs,it’s  infringement if fake) please refuse fake, support for real, abide by the intellectual property right.



1. R - sim9 GOLD support iOS 7.1-7 X, launched iOS7.1 unlock card first in the world, big brand and strength witness
2. R - sim9 GOLD with professional activation iOS7.1-7. X Rpatch, and Rpatch professionally associated with R - SIM9GOLD to unlock 3 g / 4 g sim card that the global operators launched (Buy one get one free,All real R-SIM9GOLD will have a free gift of a Rpatch activation code)
3. Our iC power consumption is the lowest power consumption, which is out of reach for other card!
4. We have the R - SIM9 PRO quality and customer credit recognition, proof of the sales, the stability of the program conquered customers, R - SIM9 GOLD is on the basis of R9PRO and update the program.
5. R - SIM9 GOLD owns new packaging design, iconic patent,what’s more,it’s  cheap, useful and practical!
6. Relative market same price card, R - SIM9 GOLD have professional after-sales service and brand support, perfect operating instructions, the professional product guide web site, www.rsim5.com, R - SIM9 GOLD, you deserve!



1x R-SIM9 GOLD Unlock Card for 5/5C/5S iOS:7.1-7.X(Mit Sprint ios7.1 nicht kompatibel)



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