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R-SIM MINI2 Unlock für iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S IOS 7.1-7.X

R-SIM MINI2 Unlock für iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s IOS 7.1-7.X

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1.Hinweise:Kostenlose Software&Spiele-Angebot-Service!(Für R4i Gold 3DS,SuperCard DSTWO,Ace3DS Plus,R4i-SDHC 3DS,Acekard 2i,Dstti)

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R-SIM Mini2 (also called R-SIM Extreme), it is the masterpiece of challenge unlock iphone Ios7.1-7.X by RGKNSE team , will solve the American (USA iphone ATT,T-Mob....)Ios7.1-7 X system.It has the thinnest chip and strongest function in the world .It is perfect to phone and surf the Internet after 3G-4G LTE sim card installs Rpatch.

First, R-SIM Mini2 is the highest version of unlock iphone in the market at present . The thickness only 0.2mm ,thinner than any other chips in the market ,we have tested again and again ,if the thickness of the chip more than 0.3mm ,it will difficult to insert into iphone 5S, if more than 0.32mm will can not be used for iphone 5s .R-SIM Mini2 uses the best chip packaging technology, With Europe's highest quality crystal source manufacturing technology, make the thinnest, the fastest processor chip source AKING, make you enjoy supreme extreme experience in the process of using R - SIM Mini2.
Second, R - SIM Mini2 together with the Nano4S general sim tray self-developed by RGKNSE .so R -SIM Mini2 can be directly used for iphone 4s ,the best function in the world ,this function is powerful than any other chips in the market . And on the software combines CDMA phones iOS7 system, make the CDMA model more perfect for iphone 4s , at the same time, iOS7.1-7.X system compatibility is more stable for iphone 5/5c/5s. So R-SIM Mini 2 is the unique and the first one can universal for iphone4s/5/5c/5s in the world.

Third, R-SIM Mini2 has the function that can lock the carrier , in the sim application, click lock carrier after select the carrier , you can lock the default operator, this means that you no need to select the carrier again when you pull out the sim card, automatically default the operator that you locked .


Produktdetails :
  • Product Standards No.: Q/RKS 01-2013 (The only one brand which has the Legal certification in the area of unlock sim card in the world. )
  • EU CE Inspection certification No. : POCE13032714ECE, 
  • EU RoHS Inspection certification No. : POCE13032726BCR (The only one and the frist one brand which pass the CE and RoHS certification in the arear of unlock sim card in the world.)
  • The product patent No. : 1. The SIM Tray: ZL201230569575.7
                                                 2. The SIM adapter: ZL201230569609.2
                                                 3. The chipset integrated Soft PC Board: 201330084422.8 (these patents including all the patent in the R-SIM Mini except the sim pin.)


1x R-SIM MINI2 Unlock für iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s IOS 7.1-7.X

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